10 Angry Girlfriend Texts For Your Help Next Time

If an angry girlfriend texts you, be sure to stay calm and play safe. A pissed off girl can mess up the whole relationship. Not just because of her anger, but also because of us guys not able to handle it. There are many things you should take in notice while handling her.

Here are some of the most extreme angry girl friend texts. Take them as a reference for your safety for the next fight. These are more than just references. The people in here messed up more because of their mistakes.

The worst one of all Angry Girlfriend Texts.

Never dare to say that someone is more hotter than her. What she will refer to you later will just hurt your guts.

angry girlfriend texts

Do not leave her when she is mad. Goodnight will never end the conversation. Period.


Well, this one does not have any solution. Do not cheat. Simple.


If you break up. Do not show her alternatives. Being friends does not work. See below.


If she is angry, do not get angry either. This will mess everything. Calm her down instead of kicking her temper.


If you made her pregnant. Be there. Do not be a sugar daddy.


When she is pissed, do not talk about other couples. She will rage for even looking at them.


If you think she is mad, do not dare to ask her directly. You will hate yourself because of her replies. Be the Sherlock. Get the clues and make the effort.


If you are feeling dirty and she is not, it is going to be a bad road to take. Especially if your girl knows how to get sarcastic.


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