10 Awkward Situations That Every Tall Person Will Recognize

You physical appearance depends upon your lifestyle, health and environmental conditions. But this is something you cannot alter. Athough there are many surgeries nowadays to get yourself into a desired shape but that often results in slow destruction of your body.

Two major body deformationsevery one of three people suffer from is Dwarfism and Gigantism. And you can’t do a thing about them. Dwarfism is when a person is short in stature as a consequence of a medical condition while Gigantism is in stark contrast to it. It includes the deformity where a person suffers from a long stature.

Here are some problems, a person suffering from the latter, goes through in his/her daily life.

1. His head is way above the chimney.

2. He don’t even fit there.

3. She literally had to get on her knees.

4. He is taller than the shower. Damn it!

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