10 Day To Day Activities That Men & Women Do Differently

“Men are from venus and women are from Venus”

This saying stands true in real life. Men and women are totally different not only biologically but even in performing day to day activities. From throwing a ball to yawning they do almost differently. Here are 10 things that men & women do differently.

Sit differently

Usually, women sit with their legs crossed or keeping their legs closer. Whereas men typically sit spreading their legs. Probably it is because of different kinds of clothes that they wear. While girls wear short dresses or skirts it doesn’t look good if she spreads her legs. Spreading legs depicts masculinity.

Handle problems differently

Generally, when a woman faces a problem, she goes on to tell her best friend, boyfriend, sister or mom. They would post a status on it or write in a diary. but when a man faces a problem he doesn’t prefer to share it with anyone. He would either sulk in silence or watch tv to distract his mind from it.

Remember information differently

Men are very particular about what they have to remember. They only remember those stuff which they consider important. While on the other hand women remember almost everything. She can tell the color of your shirt you were wearing on your first date.

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