10 Reasons Why The World Will Never Be Like It Once Was

Once upon a time, we used to live in a world where people had no smartphone facility. What time was better, then or now? This is the ongoing debate between young generation and old, every now and then. Earlier, people had to use floppy disks or CDs for storing their wedding pictures; instead of using free internet, they had to pay for downloading; click pictures not using smartphones but camera; and the ultimate one is upload pictures on Facebook without any filter.

But, to say the truth, world before smartphones and technology was the best. Youth today have no idea how it was like living without technology and the actual living! People today have become lazy.

Here are some pictures that will show you the difference between world then, and world now.

1. Earlier, whole picture was clicked but now only legs are visible.

2. Outdoor activities are rarely seen nowadays! All side – effects are known to everyone.

3. Nokia-3310 – the first model Nokia launched. Everyone knows about its durability. It was the best phone of its time – unbreakable!

4. Punishment has become joke because kids enjoy more inside than outside.

5. Selfie stick is the latest trend! I don’t know how to fly kite…

6. Also, people today go in cars to gym for cycling..

7. I don’t care if people wish me in person, i care if they wish me on Facebook.

8. Parents used to scold their children for not getting good marks, but now, they scold teachers if they fail in getting their children good marks. This has made kids stubborn.

9. Earlier, people owned televisions with fat screen, now they own televisions with flat screen. Their health is also totally vice-versa!

10. Texting is preferred over calling. Meeting in – person is a very rare activity nowadays.

Which one do you think was or is better?

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