These 10 Things Are Killing Your Phone Battery & You Had No Idea

Unlike a decade ago, mobile phones are no more a luxury. Like food, air, water it has become a kind of necessity for us. With new features coming every day, we are becoming very particular about features when we go to buy one. That one thing we surely take notice of while buying a cell phone is its battery backup. But little did we know that there are some things in our phone that are killing our battery. Here are those 10 things that are draining our phone battery

Adjust brightness of phone

When you are at home, turn the brightness of your phone to the lowest setting possible.

Auto Location, auto drains your battery

While your auto location is on, many apps track your location. As a result, your battery drains. Simply go to the settings and turn off the auto location.

Turn off the auto updates

Auto updates option updates your app whenever they want. If you want to get the most out of your battery, then you need to keep a check on things that are draining it.

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