12 Amazing benefits Of Lemon You Didn’t Know Before

Lemons are one of the most famous fruits belonging to the citrus family. There is hardly any household where you”ll not get it. They are most commonly used to enhance the flavor of food.  Lemons are juicy and full of flavor. But besides adding flavor to the food, it can be used in many ways. Here are some amazing benefits of lemon that probably you weren’t aware of.

1. Dandruff free scalp

Add coconut oil and few drops of lemon juice to get rid of dandruff. Apply this on your scalp and wash it after half an hour. Avoid using this mixture regularly as Lemos acts as a natural bleaching agent. Therefore using it regularly can lighten your hair.

2. Glowing skin

Tired face looks dull and lifeless. You can brighten your day at your home only. Take a tablespoon of yogurt and add few drops of lemon and 1 tea spoon of honey in it. Apply this mixture for 15 mins and then wash your face with luke warm water.

3.Lemon as a stain remover

They are best to remove stains from your clothes. Rib your garment with half of the lemon and leave it overnight. In the morning wash it and you”ll see the stain has vanished.

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