3.5 Lakh Indians Unite To Make Record Of Singing National Anthem Together

We Indians like any other country’s citizens take pride in our national anthem and everything indigenous.

Our national anthem is one of a kind. Written in Sanskrit by India’s most celebrated, acclaimed poet and writer, Rabindranath Tagore.

Tagore is a great figure in India’s historical and memorable past. And Modi has taken this pride feeling a notch higher when people sang our National anthem at various occasions in overseas countries.

3.5 lakh indians unite

But India has made another record recently in mass singing.

Lakhs of Indians gathered at a place to sing national anthem and madel India proud by breaking Bangladesh’s record.

You will be glad to know that India has set a new record by singing in large number in open.

Over 3.5 lakh Indians unite today to set a new world record by singing the national anthem at an event at Kagvad in Rajkot district of Gujarat.

During the installation of idol of goddess Khodiyar at a newly-built Khodal Dham temple in the town, they sang national anthem.

“Over 3.5 lakh people sang the anthem together at the idol installation ritual in the presence of observers from Guinness World Records,” said Hansraj Gajera, a member of Khodal Dham temple

Earlier in 2014, 2,54,537 people sung the national anthem in Bangladesh setting a huge record

However, according to Gajera, today Indians broke that record. The huge crowd was indeed a wonderful sight.

3.5 lakh indians uniteSource

“We received certificate of record from Guinness World Records officials,” he added.

He further said,”The trust also set two new records for Limca Book of Records, by organizing the longest (40km) ‘shobha-yatra’ (procession) and a 1008-kund `mahayagna’.”

According to the trust officials there were over 50 lakh devotees present in the temple during the whole ceremony which continued for 5 days. It began on January 17.

“The temple was built at the cost of Rs 60 crore. The trust was planning to set up an agricultural university adjacent to the temple premises, Gajera said. Several leaders from BJP and Congress as well as the Patel quota agitation leader Hardik Patel visited the temple during the last four days,” he quoted saying.

Goddess Khodiyar is the principle figure for the Leuva Patel community. They revere the goddess and submit before her wholeheartedly.

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