3 Reasons Why Every Indian Loves Yuvraj Singh From Past 15 Years

Yuvraj Singh is the most explosive middle order batsman. We have seen players to hit fours and sixes during power play when field restriction is on but Yuvraj walks into batting when there are no field restrictions and he still manages to get strike rate above 100 by hitting most of the balls over boundary.This kind of explosion no other middle order batsman has ever been able to do. He can make any bowling attack suffer with his explosive batting.

Reason One: Yuvraj Singh hit those six huge sixes against Stuart Vroad of England. No other Cricketer can come close.

Reason Two: Yuvraj Singh Hit a Fifty In just 12 Balls proving that he is the best in the world!

Reason Three: Yuvraj Singh hit the maximum runs and too maximum wickets in 2011 World Cup ensuring that India won the world cup after so many years.

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