8 Bollywood Actresses Who Married Just Only For Money!

Bollywood is well known for the spicy stories it has apart from the big screen. The controversies, love stories, affairs and the big fat weddings are all mostly a part of the fame game too.

However, some of the actresses played it big and tied the knot with the one of the richest people and secured a bright future irrespective of the fame that goes away with age.

So, here are 8 of the actresses who married a rich guy beside having an option for a far better looking person and made it in the gold digger list.

1. Boney Kapoor and Sirdevi


2. Vidya Balan and Siddarth Roy Kapoor


3. Celina Jaitley and Peter Haag


4. Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra


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