8 Interesting Things That You Should Know About Your Blood Type

There are four types of blood groups A, Ab, B and O. We all belong to one blood group. Ever since we are born, we have the same blood group till we die. There’s no way to change it. Experts claim that every blood group has some unique characteristics that make it different from others. Here is a review of some of the most important characteristics of blood groups

1.Blood type affects fertility

According to the studies, women belonging to specific blood types have the least chances to get pregnant. Women with blood type o are least fertile.

2. It affects stress susceptibility

Stress susceptibility depends on blood types. Blood type A produces more cortisol hormones due to which their stress level remains higher than normal. Moreover, people with blood group o gets easily furious. Their anger susceptibility is lower than others.

3. Exercises

As we told you that people with Blood group A are more susceptible to stress. Therefore, they should perform exercises which help in reducing stress. And as people with o blood group o are more furious, they should do meditation.

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