9 Simple Math Tricks You’ll Wish To Know For Lifetime

Mathematics has always maintained its reputation as a nightmare among students. We detest solving maths problems since forever.

But exceptions are always there. Some genius minds take great pleasure in solving tricky mathematical questions. It helps them in enhancing their calculative abilities.

Well, if you ask me, I would say that I have never liked maths. It is the worst, I would say. Sometimes I feel like-Is this all even makes any sense.

However if you want to improve your calculative abilities and cultivate your skills in solving maths in the most easiest way possible then you have arrived at the right place. These hacks will help you solve mathematical problems in an instant.

1. Multiplying big figures quickly.

2. Here is the easiest way to learn the table of 9 for kids

3. Add and subtract fractions in one go

4. Multiply any number with 11 using this method. Your answer will always be right.

5. This is an ultimate trick to memorize Pi number.

6. Multiply numbers by 6,7,8,9 on your fingers.

7. Calculate percentage of a number easily

8. Here is a hack to find the fraction of a whole number

9. How to convert Celsuis to Farenheit and vice-versa.

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