Aadhaar Cards Mandatory To Buy IPL Tickets !!!

To keep an eye on any offense occurring in IPL the officials have come up with an innovative idea. They have decided to make aadhaar cards mandatory to buy IPL tickets. Adhaar card is a unique 12 digit identification number. Government allocates aadhaar card to the residents of India. In case any offense occurs during the match the policers can easily keep a track of any person they want to.

Permission from the home minister G Parameshwara….

The Bangalore city police and DNA network have met home minister for this purpose. Home Minister G Parameshwara, was impressed by the proposed idea.He had given them permission for this idea to implement. To implement it, they would require equipment like finger print scanner. Aadhaar card officers have given their consent and agreed to support the police by providing the required equipment.

The organisers wanted to implement it for the match on 1st February match. But, as the tickets are already sold, it is not possible to implement. Besides that, the organisers are yet to get all the required equipment. Therefore, to implement the new security system, it might take some time.


While buying the tickets, people would have to produce their aadhaar card on the ticket counter. Aadhar card number and fingerprints will be fed into the system. If you buy the tickets online then when you would have to verify your identity while collecting ticket.

This new system will help the Police to keep the record of all those coming to watch match. If they want to track down anyone due to their behavior they can do it very easily now. So the next time you decide to buy IPL tickets make sure you have an aadhaar card.


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