Actor Salman Khan’s Reaction To Manveer’s Marriage Is Shocking. Read The Full Story Here

Last Sunday, Manveer Gurjar took the trophy of Bigg Boss 10 to his home. There had been many speculations as to who will win the title. Many people were pretty sure that Bani Judge will win the title as she was all alone throughout the show. Moreover, She has a huge fan following outside. However, Manveer Gurjar’s fans believed that he is worth the recognition. Manveer was all praised for his genuine and honest behavior. But, now it seems as if everything was fake. Future was so bright for this winner. However, after the show, Manveer Gurjar has been in the news but for all wrong reasons.

This season was different from all the other seasons. As this season introduced commoners in the house. Manveer Gurjar entered the show as a commoner but now he is no less than a celebrity. He was seen flirting with Nitibha kaul another commoner in the house. People were speculating more than friendship between them. However, both of them never accepted this. Then came a twist in this sweet tale when rumors of Manveer’s wedding arose.

Before Manveer could reach his house in Noida his wedding videos and his wife’s pics had surfaced the internet. They went viral all over the Social networking sites. It created fuss among all the Manveer’s fans. But his family rubbished all this rumours. However, Manveer didn’t completely deny the fact that he is married.

People have been waiting for Salman khan’s reaction on this news. But you”ll be shocked to see the host’s reaction.

According to the reports, the host didn’t seem perturb. The superstar looked unfazed when he was informed about Manveer’s marriage. It seems like Salman knew about all this or he just don’t want to pay any heed to this news. Well, all this has confused all of us. May be only the viewers were kept in the dark for the Trp purpose. We can easily conclude from all this fuss that it would be difficult for the viewers to believe in Bigg Boss 11’s credibility.

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