Akashdeep Saigal Made Shocking Statements On Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is on its 10th season and is going quite well on the Indian television gaining high TRPs. The main feeders are those contestants who are desperate to grab media’s attention towards them. They go to great lengths for the same.

akashdeep saigal

This not only helps them to climb the ladder of success but also provides what the show much needs and that is great viewership. In all these years, their audience have increased from zero to hundred.

It has always been quite entertaining because of people like Swami Om, Bani J, etc. But now here come one more contestant who revealed a lot of dirty things about Bigg Boss.

Former Bigg Boss contestant, Akashdeep Saigal recently made some shocking statements on the show. He had been a part of the show in season 5.

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Like Swami Om’s accusations against Salman Khan, he too targeted Salman. He alleged that the superstar of Bollywood ruined his career. His contribution is primary in destroying his career after Akashdeep being evicted from the house.

Earlier too, Salman has been accused of being partial to certain contestants on the show. Swami Om too threatened Salman to beat him black and blue on the stage. He also alleged that he is a traitor.

When asked about his stint on the show, Saigal openly told the truth in media.

“This reality show sells on controversial stuff like sex and fight. Let’s face it we all like our voyeuristic content. It is human nature to watch fights even if you are getting late for an important assignment, but if you see a fight on the road you will risk earning, your boss’ wrath but wait to find out more,” he revealed.

Earlier Swami Om too made such revelations about the show. He said that the contestants have sex inside the house and the show hides it.

Akashdeep Saigal was last seen in the Indian television popular drama, Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi in a negative role.

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