Ban Amazon As Picture Of Mahatma Gandhi On Slippers Being Sold On Amazon Website

Earlier Amazon India was caught up in controversies when it was spotted selling mats with Indian flag design on it. The online shopping destination is going through a tough time for the same reason. As soon as this issue came into India’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj’s notice, she threatened them to ban Amazon in India. She asked them to take these products down and apologize right away, or she will ban the website on the whole.

amazon hits another low

Indians came forward to raise their voice for a good cause. The campaign started on Twitter. Swaraj brought the issue under the notice of officials in Canada where they were selling door mats with Indian flag imprinted on them.

amazon hits another low

However, it seems like that the website is in no mood to submit to the threats. Now another of their shameful acts took everybody’s notice.

amazon hits another low

This time it is USA’s turn to face India’s wrath. The e-commerce giant instead of removing such items from its website are adamant on selling these filthy products which degrade India.

Amazon hits another low in Indian market with their new slippers on the website.

The flip flops have Mahama Gandhi’s face imprinted on it. They are selling it for $16.99. They even had the audacity to give description to the product, taking their impudence further.

“Foam rubber flip flops” with a “professionally printed” Gandhi face on it.

Mahatma Gandhi is the father of the nation. We admire him, revere him and respect him wholeheartedly.

This act is unpardonable. When this picture came into notice of millions of Indians across the globe, they boiled with anger.

amazon hits another low

Therefore they all took to Twitter to vent up their feelings. If one care to notice then all these controversial products are sold by ‘CafePress’ which is owned by Indian guy, Mahesh Jain. Earlier, the company even sold undergarments with Indian flag imprinted on it.

Here are the tweets-

A Twitter handle, Figaar, urged everyone to ban Amazon in India. He was very disappointed in them and asked everyone to give their contribution to further encourage this campaign.

A girl tweeted, “It’s an Insult of FATHER of Nation @amazon must remove this Bloody Nonsense immdly@PMOIndia @narendramodi@SushmaSwaraj ..must take action.”

Some more tweets on the issue.

It is high time that the Indian government should take strict action in this direction.

We hope Amazon to be banned in the country as soon as possible. We cannot stand this attitude towards India.

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