Anand Mahindra’s Reply To Twitter User Is Hilarious

Anand Mahindra’s reply to a twitter user’s trolling went viral. It is myth that people of high posts are serious and less funny. Anand Mahindra proved it wrong himself. That too with just one simple reply. He is the chairman of the Mahindra group.

Anand Mahindra's reply


Many people do not know him but now will. Ferrari posted a tweet about their concept car of the week, Pininfarina Maserati Birdcage (2006). To this Anand Mahindra retweeted praising the beauty.

He said “That’s one cage I wouldn’t mind being imprisoned in. Pininfarina sustains its legendary & path breaking designs”. But a twitter user made a silly question out of it.

The user asked why he does not buy it.

But Anand Mahindra is no less humorous in his ways either. He quickly responded to the tweet in the most hilarious way.

Here is Anand Mahindra’s Reply below.

Seems like, the user did not know that Mahindra took over the Pininfarina version in December, 2015. Instead, he made a silly question that made him get trolled a lot.

This reply is not only the best but also the most simple any one could. However, twitter did not let it go and the post went viral. Even though the post was viral for a short time, the gut will hurt him a lot longer.

Many people re-tweeted the reply. But, here are some of the best re-tweets.

Take a bow sir!

A true inspiration!

A video reply from the family guy too.

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