Angry Man & Crying Women Feeling Regret On Modi’s Decision While Standing In A Queue Outside A Bank

PM Modi has taken a commendable step to eradicate corruption from India. His decision to demonetize 500 and 1000 Notes has the potential to transform India into an economic superpower in the long term. This single step has the power to reduce corruption in India to a bare minimum. But, in the short term this move is causing some pain for the common man or woman.

Lakhs of people are trying to deposit or exchange the monetized notes at Banks. Hence, the pain for common man is not supposed to go away soon. Even Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley has mentioned that re calibration of ATM’S will take at least 3 weeks. While several organizations and citizens are trying their best to help the aam janta, the pain is too great for certain people. One such family cried itself hoarse yesterday as they were made to wait outside the bank.

The pair of Husband and Wife were standing in a queue waiting for their notes to be deposited in a bank for hours. They are blaming PM Modi for making their notes useless. The Husband even threatens to throw away his notes in disgust while the crying wife stops him from doing so. This Video has gone viral on the social media has much more than a million views now. Do watch and let us know if you are facing similar troubles. 🙁

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