8 Hidden Features Of Apple ios 10 That You Weren’t Aware About

Apple iPhone is world’s most popular smartphone. It’s fascinating how one smartphone has made people go gaga over it. Ever since it was launched people are crazy about them. Why wouldn’t they be? They are one of the best smartphones available in the market. A few months ago Apple launched ios 10 with some amazing features. But even if it’s been months not all of us are not aware of its hidden features. Therefore to help you out of it, we will tell you 8 hidden features that might surprise you

Prioritize your installments

You can prioritize your installments by controlling your downloads by pausing and resuming it.

‘Look up’ replaced ‘Define’

Define is replaced by Look up and instead of getting just the definition, you”ll now get the related searches from other websites or Wikipedia.

3D Touch Control

With ios 10, one can use 3D touch that is present on the bottom row of app icons.

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