Arvind Kejriwal’s Statement Against Modi, See How Rishi Kapoor Reacted

While the whole world is happy with PM Modi’s decision to get rid of the old 500 and 1000 rupee notes, there is still one soul who is utterly dissatisfied with the decision.

Arvind Kejriwal, current chief minister of Delhi, (unfortunately), slammed Modi for his decision to demonetize old currency notes.

He was heavily trolled on social networking sites. Loads of people criticized Kejriwal for his spineless comments and stupid logic. Big names including Anna Hazare, Rahul Gandhi, Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar, etc criticized Kejriwal on Twitter.

Earlier too, he had attacked the PM commenting on the surgical strikes.

He asked Modi to show proof that the surgical strikes were done across LOC in Pakistani-administered Azad Kashmir.

Reacting to the claims from Pakistan that no such surgical strike happened across the border, he asked PM to “unmask the false propaganda of Pakistan.”

Shocked with CM’s statements, Chetan Bhagat, famous Indian author, expressed his disappointment. He took to Twitter and wrote-

“Stunned and shocked that some political parties are questioning the Indian Army and it’s official statements publicly. Only hurts the nation.”

This time too, Kejriwal became a butt of jest all over the Internet when he asked PM the logic behind banning old currency notes. He said that it is illogical to introduce 2000 notes in place of the old ones and removal of corruption is a far-cry.

He finally broke silence after PM Modi delivered his speech in Goa and said-“There is still time, take back this decision before the law and order situation further deteriorates. PM Modi has mocked them and must apologise. I have received a lot of calls, there is a sense of panic among people after PM’s speech in Goa.”

Rishi Kapoor, veteran Bollywood actor, came to Modi’s defense. He was very offended with the comment and expressed his annoyance on Twitter.

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