Baba Ramdev Dancing On ‘Kala Chashma’ Is Just Hilarious!

Baba Ramdev, the Yoga guru of India, is all pumped up now. His popular brand, Patanjali is seeing no end. It is growing at a faster rate and experiencing success as well.

Recently, Ramdev was invited as a guest in his famous comedy show, the kapil sharma show. He taught Yoga to jail Kapil and his co-actors.

During the audience session, a woman requested him to dance as nobody has ever watched him dancing before. He acted quite shy but later submitted and giving some excuses, he said that he will perform the ‘Yoga dance’ which he often do.

baba ramdev dancingSource

But you will be shocked to see Baba Ramdev in this latest video.

Baba Ramdev dancing video is going viral on the Internet. He could be seen dancing to the famous song, Kala Chashma.

Katrina Kaif indeed rocked the stage with his phenomenal performance on the song in the movie.


But here’s we present you the very homely version of the song with the yoga guru.

baba ramdev dancing

He just nailed it. You cannot take your eyes off it. He did have any qualms shaking his booty to the Punjabi song.

This is hilarious. The beginning was so funny that I laughed quite hard. But the end was amazing.

PeeingHuman uploaded this video on the social media and since then, it has gained a whole lot of viewers.

Watch the full video here!


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