Baba Ramdev On The Kapil Sharma Show

Kapil Sharma show is famous for its unique guest lists. They not only include the Bollywood celebrities, but also include non Bollywood guest to the show. Baba Ramdev is not the kind that we think would come on the show.

The fame of the Kapil Sharma show is really in the highest demand right now. People who want their movie promoted do not even have to talk about their movie. Kapil Sharma does all that is required. The show is the favored choice of all age groups and genders.

This makes every guest want to come to the show. But, not only the Bollywood celebrities, the non Bollywood guest list is quite interested in coming to the stage. In recent news, we collected information that Baba Ramdev will be appearing in the show too.

Baba Ramdev as another addition to the non Bollywood guest list.

Baba Ramdev


Earlier Anna Hazare appeared on the show which was quite surprising too. he placed a new bench mark to the show by hitting the maximum viewership that week. The simplicity with which Kapil Sharma hosted the show with a political guest makes him compatible with anyone.

While many reality talk shows tend to forbid themselves from speaking many things with different political celebrities, Kapil Sharma is doing something different instead. This is why even his non Bollywood guest list is going in demand.

Both the public as well as the non Bollywood guest finds comfort in watching the show. There are normal talks, personal touch to the connections and a pinch of humor with their career too. The exquisite humor is completely irresistible.

This time Kapil Sharma might be sharing the screen with Baba Ramdev who himself is a good vocalist. This episode will surely be a great one to watch and enjoy along with entire family. So do not miss this episode and hope it is aired as soon as possible.

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