Baba Ramdev Wrestling Match Fake?

Baba Ramdev wrestling is the most unexpected thing. People will not believe that a yogi guru is a wrestling champion too. But, this event happened earlier on Wednesday. He fought the world wrestling champion Andrey Stadnik.

The fight was a friendly one. It was done with the motive to support wrestling and promote it. The match ended with Baba Ramdev defeating Stadnik by 12-0.

A glimpse of Baba Ramdev Wrestling.

baba ramdev wrestling


The Yoga guru performed ‘Surya Namaskar’ before starting his bout. He opened his account with four points and was quick as he took his points tally to 7-0. After his bout, he chanted “Bharat mata ki jai.! Vande Matram!” Later he added that wrestling will excel in the upcoming years and will become one of the most followed sports in the world.

This is not the first time Baba Ramdev challenged an international wrestler. Earlier on the occasion of 20th anniversary of his Ashram in Haridwar, he had challenged Indian-wrestler Sushil Kumar in 2016.

Though the match was a good view, it seemed like it was scripted too. The comparison of performance of Stadnik with Ramdev and Sushil is drastic. The crowd that gathered seemed to be his devotees too. It was unlike the normal crowd present at a wrestling match.

The commentator repeated the brand of Patanjali throughout the match. When you look at the video twice, you will notice a certain respectful gesture in Stadnik for Baba. It may not be fake but does not look competitive either. The bouts that Stadnik fell on look scripted. We doubt that the falls were more intentional rather than real.

Here are some of the comments about people’s doubts about the match.

Well, lets leave the facts to the people who fought. It was a friendly match to promote wrestling. The cause is attained. Even if it was scripted, it left a good message for the audience at the end too.

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