Bahubali 2! With Just Few Weeks To Go, Katappa Finally Reveals Himself Why He Killed Baahubali

SS Rajamouli’s epic drama movie “Baahubali 2” is just a few weeks away from the release. Baahubali was no doubt one of the best movies of 2015. It was a blockbuster hit of 2015 and the same is expected from its sequel.

But there was one question that left audience puzzled. And that question was, “Why did Katappa killed Baahubali?” The impact of the film was a lot among the audience. This question became a topic of discussion among people.

But now after 2 years of release of that epic, the question is answered. Finally, Katappa has himself answered the infamous question.

He was at a Baahubali event when he revealed the truth. The way he answered is worth the applause. We didn’t know that he has a good sense of humor too.

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