Bani Kicks Lopamudra In Big Boss Next Episode

It is common for both Bani and Lopamudra to get involved into a cat fight. But this time something huge happened in the Big Boss house. It is so shocking that the small scene itself became the limelight of the episode trailer – Bani kicks Lopamudra.

Bani and Lopamudra clashed right from the beginning. The clash was mainly because of the failure of Bani to win tasks from Lopamudra. The game seems to get dirtier and dirtier everyday. But, this is proving to be great for the publicity.

From the beginning of all seasons, Big Boss 10 is the lowest of all. There is urine thrown on people. Physical fights are increasing. Talks and physical deeds are getting dirtier. Even Salman Khan kicked Priyanka Jagga out of the show abruptly.

Bani Kicks Lopamudra


The Big Boss show tweeted the trailer of the next episode today. It became viral withing minutes. People are already discussing about why they fought and every reason behind it. But, the comments even though increasing are also getting abusive.

While Bani used to come out as an alpha woman, now she has ended up being in so many controversy to be countless. Her reputation that rose with MTV is going down with every episode.

Bani is using her mother’s disease as an excuse now. She right from the beginning is losing tasks when Lopamudra is in front of her.

Here is the trailer of the next episode in which Bani kicks Lopamudra. Watch carefully before you decide who is wrong and who is right.

Do not forget to scroll through the comments that people are giving below the video. It is surely going to be the most watched episode of this season. We are more eager to see Salman Khan’s reaction about it too. Lets just wait and see what happens.

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