Bengaluru Mass Molestation Hits Indian Celebrities

On the night of new year eve, people were enjoying their time to the best. But, something terrible happened in the streets of Bengaluru. The incident of Bengaluru mass molestation took place on that night.

The nation is a shock to see such brutal behavior of people in public. While the molesters were doing their work, the public just stood and watched. The night of a new year to begin gave the victim a nightmare instead. On the other hand, a mass molestation incident took place too.

While the friends of the women tried to save them, the crowd did not let them to. Both the videos of the Bengaluru mass molestation and the individual one is dreadful.

Bengaluru mass molestation


Women ran and took the shelter of the lady police who came as a savior. But, this inhumane behavior is making people doubt about the safety in Bengaluru. Watch the video below.

The First Incident.
The bengaluru mass molestation video.

The Indian celebrities who are always jolly in their mood are now reacting to these incidents.

Watch what Virat kohli said about the incident.

Even Akshay Kumar came forward and expressed his sorrow and anger about the event of inhumanity. Here is what he said. While this actor is the happiest person to be witnessed by us, he today feels ashamed of being a human even.

Enjoying an occasion is good but if the enjoyment hurts others, it becomes a crime. Please share this post with everyone and send awareness about women safety measures in India, especially Bengaluru right now.

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