Big Boss Contestants Having Sex Inside The Big Boss House?

Swami Om’s offensive act of peeing on Big Boss contestants, Bani J and Rohan Mehra led to his eviction. Afterwards he was put behind bars inside the house. He was dragged out by the show’s security guard.

But instead of regret or apologizing for his act, he is making shocking statements one after the other. Since his expulsion from the house, he has been throwing tantrums at the show’s crew and Salman Khan.

big boss contestants having sex

He attacked Salman Khan and told ANI that he is a traitor. He went overboard as to say that he will beat Salman on the stage.

“Since Salman is a traitor, I will take one lakh people with me on January 28 and beat him black and blue on stage. I will not kill him because I want to torture him,” he said.

big boss contestants having sex

Now he has come up with another series of shocking revelations which are utterly baseless.

He said that Big Boss contestants having sex inside the house and the channel is hiding it from the audiences.

The outrageous monk even went far to say that the show’s TRP is because of him. Since his elimination from the Big Boss house, the TRP had gone down to zero.

“In the past ten seasons, this one in particular had the highest TRP till the time I was in the house. The TRP is zero now. Hence, Salman Khan and the makers are now calling me to come back as a wild card entry,” he told the news channel.

He has been showering vulgar remarks on various contestants in the house, calling Bani a slut.

According to his allegations, the contestants have sex inside the Big Boss house.

He threatened the Sultan that if he will not rub his nose on his feet in an upcoming press conference, he will not re-enter the show. Nor he will let the show going in the grand finale episode.

“I have told them I will come only on one condition. Salman should rub his nose on my feet at the press conference that I’m holding on January 10 at the Press Club of India here and apologies to me,” he said.

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