Bigg Boss 10 Is Over But Don’t Get Upset. Bigg Boss 11 Might Come With This New Twist.

Bigg Boss is no doubt one of the most popular shows on Indian television. This year Bigg Boss 10 was all surrounded by controversies. But if you are a Bigg Boss fan then you don’t have to be disappointed. The makers of the show have started wondering about Bigg Boss 11.

Even after the show has ended last week, controversies are still haunting some of the contestants. From Swami Om’ peeing to Manveer’s wedding videos, it has managed to keep all of us engaged in it.

Last year, Bigg Boss 10 was launched with a totally new concept. Unlike other seasons, we got to see commoners along with celebrities. There were equal number of commoners and celebrities. Everyone thought that it might be a flop show. Surprisingly, this proved to be successful and very entertaining as well. Moreover, commoners were more entertaining than the celebrities. Even Manveer Gurjar who entered the show as a commoner won the title amongst all the celebrities.

But now as the show is over, fans are really missing the show. Bigg Boss fans need not be disappointed.

Raj Nayak, CEO of Colors, gave an indication towards a development plan for the next season.

The makers of the show are contemplating various themes. One of the themes is jungle theme.

So you might have a view of a jungle in the Bigg Boss house. And the news is not over yet. There are speculations that unlike this year, there might be no commoners in Bigg Boss 11. Becuase Salman Khan didn’t make any announcement in the finale about the entries of the commoners for Bigg Boss 11 as he did in the last season.

After Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga’s misbehavior with the host, it was being speculated that Salman might not host the next season. But if reports are to be believed, then the superstar will come with a new season soon.

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