Bigg Boss Season 10 Winner Is….? All Eyes Should Be Here

Bigg Boss has come a long way up til now. It managed to captivate media and public attention in these 10 years. Everytime Bigg Boss comes with a different concept, it grabs high TRPs in India. There have been many speculations going on since the show is coming to an end. Bigg Boss season 10 winner is not disclosed yet.

bigg boss season 10 winnerContestants Manveer Gurjar, Bani J, Lopamudra Raut and Manu Punjabi are leading the competition towards being a winner.

bigg boss season 10 winner

While the showmakers has yet not declared who will be the winner, people are getting quite curious as to who will win finally. They are voting in large numbers for their favorite contestants.

The game has reached an intense phase. After going through numerous fights, annoying conversations, competitions, and controversial acts, they have finally managed to make it to the top four.

Some media persons are spreading rumors and they are claiming that Manveer Gurjar is the winner.

bigg boss season 10 winner

However, others are pretty sure that Bigg Boss season 10 winner will be Bani Judge.

Bani Judge has been getting a lot of support from fans and chances are such that she could be the next winner of the reality show.

Now according to some sources, it has been finalised that Bani Judge will be announced winner of Bigg Boss 10 on Sunday, 29th of January.

bigg boss season 10 winner

This time Bigg boss came up with a completely different concept of stars vs commoners.

While Bani Judge is a celeb, Manveer, on the other hand is a commoner. He is a farmer, a businessman and a dairy owner in Noida. 

According to celebs cinema, Manveer will be declared winner with a trophy and 40 lakhs cash. While Bani will be the runner-up winning some cash prize as well. But Manveer’s brother, Sachin Baisoya rubbised these as rumors. He even posted a video on Facebook suggesting everyone not to pay attention to these hoax messages.

Bigg Boss, Manveer Gurjar has emerged as the winner after beating VJ Bani. He received the winner’s trophy and the winning amount of Rs. 40,00,000.

Twitteratis confirmed the results and congratulated both Bani and Manveer.

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