This Body Builder Injects Oil To Become Hulk Size Even Though It Could Kill Him

Some of us are not comfortable in our own skin. Many young boys strive for a muscular physique. But acquiring that physique isn’t as easy as it seems. It requires one to devote time on a gym, taking care of diet or some people stick to proteins for it.

As we learn that it requires a lot of time, shortcuts start tempting us. The strive for it is so strong that even though we are aware of the negative effects, we still choose to follow them. Valdir Segato the 48 years old bodybuilder is also one of them who chose to acquire a muscular physique at the cost of his whole body.

He injected oil in his muscles for a hulk size knowing the fact that it could kill him. The method of injecting oil and alcohol in muscles is a lesser known method and is extremely painful as well as dangerous.

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