Bollywood Actresses Who Are Way Too Attention-Seeking

Bollywood never comes short of attention-seekers and bizarre comments from celebrities. India is one of the biggest democracy and everyone has the right to say what they feel. But when celebrities try to put forward their opinions, they are often criticized if their views don’t coincide with the majority.

Some do this unintentionally but there are some actors and actresses who do this deliberately. They throw tantrums and make offensive comments which often end them up in controversies. But this is what they want. Publicity and attention feed them- economically as well as socially.

Here is a list of such Bollywood actresses who are way too attention-seeking.

1. Pooja Misrra

Pooja Missra is one of those few actresses who believes in ‘Publicity’. Unlike other Bollywood actresses who try to keep their personal lives away from media, she deliberately makes her personal space public. She has been a struggling actress for many years now- she auditioned for Salman khan’s Dabanng but did not get through. One of her most controversial statements includes that Sonakshi Sinha’s mother mixed drugs in her drink and harassed her sexually.

bollywood actresses

2. Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat grabbed limelight with her bold role in her first movie, Murder. Starring opposite Bollywood’s serial kisser, she was the first actress ever to perform a kiss scene onscreen. She proudly claimed that she was the first actress ever to wear a bikini and kiss onscreen at Cannes. But she forgot Sharmila Tagore’s name.

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3. Poonam Pandey

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