Bollywood Celebs Income From Wedding Dances

Bollywood celebs income is quite high. Most of the actors in Bollywood earn more than 85% of the Indian population. But, the income is not only from movies and ads. It is also from many other works.

They invest in multiple ventures, celebrity appearances and other personal investments. The money they earn is enough to give a huge interest from banks itself. But, a major part of the income of these stars is still unknown to many.

It is from wedding performances. Wedding season is a high time for earning easy money for these stars. They take huge sums of money to dance, joke around, click pictures or just appear in the weddings. People take it as a thing of pride. Bigger the celebrity, longer lasting will be the gossip about it.

But shockingly, even the biggest Bollywood celebs income is from these wedding highlights. Here is a list of all the stars and their rate cards to appear in the weddings.

Shah Rukh Khan – At Top Of Bollywood Celebs Income From Weddings.

Events – 2.5 crores. Weddings performance – 3.5 crores. Wedding appearance – 3 crores.

Bollywood celebs Income


Shah Rukh Khan is the king of Bollywood. But, he still does not hesitate to perform at weddings for money. he once said jokingly that he earned money for Happy New year shooting by dancing at a wedding.

Akshay Kumar

Events – 1.5 crores. Wedding performance – 2.5 crores. Wedding appearance – 2 crores.



He is mostly seen appearing along with his wife Twinkle Khanna. He does not make much appearances, instead does performances more to entertain people.

Salman Khan

Events – 2 crores. Wedding appearance – 3 crores.



Salman Khan does not believe in dancing at weddings. But, he does love appearing to bless the couple. This is one of the costliest blessing you can ever get.

Katrina Kaif

Events – 1 crore. Wedding performance – 2.5 crores. Wedding appearance – 1.5 crores.

Wedding Bells for Katrina Kaif


Katrina Kaif is one of the most beloved celebrities in weddings. She is the most wanted even in Indian weddings abroad. As compared to others, she charges relatively less.

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