Bollywood Stars That has Committed Suicide And Ruined Their Life!

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Bollywood celebrities live a luxurious life of glam and glitz, is what we see from the outside. But from within they face as many pressures as any other normal individual does or even more because they are constantly being eyed on. Just because you are rich and famous, this does not mean you do not suffer.Few of them could handle failures and overcome them, but few gave up to them and committed suicide. Lets have a look at the list of Bollywood Celebrities who Committed Suicide.

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Kunal Singh attained fame with the movie Dil Hi Dil Mein opposite Sonali Bendre. He was also at an edge of his career where he was climbing the ladder in Bhojpuri and South Indian movies. His strained relationship with his wife and the fact that he was not allowed to see his kids said to be the reason for him to commit suicide.

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Manmohan Desai who had made classic movies like Amar Akbar Anthony and Dharam Veer a rather sad death after felling from balcony in 1994. It is said that he was depressed due to his unsuccessful career and therefore he ended up his life.

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Former Miss India Nafisa Joseph hung herself in her apartment a few years ago. Her suicide came as a shock because she was just weeks away from her wedding. The reason being cited was that her businessman fiance was still married depsite his having claimed that he had divorced his wife two years ago.  This shock led her to take this extreme step and give up on life and suicide.

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