Tail Removed From Boy Born With It After 18 Years

In recent events a boy got his tail removed after keeping it for 18 years. Every now and then we hear miraculous stories about people giving birth to babies who are more than normal. While many face the luck of being differently able, some have an extraordinary element in them.

Just like this boy who was born with a tail. The boy was born in India and coming to the witness of this thing, his parents made that tail a good charm for him.



But, the experience of the boy with this tail came out to be extremely painful. He had repeated pain attacks in his lower back and had social problems too.

Results after getting the tail removed.

After 18 years of listening to his parents, he could not take it anymore and got the tail removed. It was a great relief for him. the tail had grown up to seven inches long.

tail removed

The doctor knew it was a simple yet cautious surgery. The tail was connected to his spinal cord. But there was no bone or organ connected, so it went out simply. The boy is all better now with no pain anymore and has a socially better life too.

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