Breaking News: Plane Crash In Goa Carrying 161 Passengers

A jet airways plane crashed early this morning after take off from runway. Smoke was seen in the cabin right ahead of the take off. The plane anyhow careered around the field nearby and crashed into a ditch on the side of a service road.

The incident took place right before the day break. The plane was carrying 161 passengers and 7 seven crew members. The plan was supposed to travel from Goa to Mumbai but unfortunately halted out of the abrupt accident.


‘I fractured my leg,’ said Dinesh Kumar, a passenger on Times Now TV channel. ‘The moment the plane started running on the runway, it slipped into the nearby field and there was smoke inside the flight.’


Over a dozen of people were injured but none of them had major injuries. All the passengers including the seven crew members were evacuated immediately with medical support.


Jet Airways is the second largest carrier in India and this incident has shook the management. The plane has been taken into investigation and the reason for the technical glitch in the alignment of the plane is being monitored.

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