Breakup Texts That Ended Up Awkward For Each

There are some basic foundations at which a relationship stand. It is Honesty, Respect, Trust, and Communication. If a relationship has all these strong bonds between them, then it is quite impossible for the pair to break up. They could not be kept apart if it is not for some serious reasons like family pressure.

But nowadays, relationships are not that strong. We survive on one philosophy today and that is to find a temporary attachment to entertain us. This is not the way a relationship is going to work. Every couple face problems in their relationships but instead of breaking up one need to understand the other person and discuss their problems.

There are many reasons why relationships fail even after being with each other for years.

Researcher, Fredrich Nietzsche, believes that it is not the lack of love but lack of friendship which could weaken a relationship.

Here are some hilarious breakup texts which proves that couple kick in blunders even at such a critical moment.
1. She was so ready to breakup with him.

breakup texts

2. He got the wrong number

breakup texts

3. He is so TRAPPED!

breakup texts

4. Autocorrect ruined it all

breakup texs

5. Wrong person! Caught in the act…

breakup texts

6.┬áNow, what the heck is that-‘breakup anniversary’?

breakup texts


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