BSF Jawan Is A Terrible Alcoholic: Say Officials!!!

Earlier, a BSF Jawan who uploaded a video about terrible conditions of food went viral. The public was outraged with the footage in the video. However the video did not show unhygienic conditions.

The video rather looked like a complaint for the luxuries he was searching in the force. The conditions of the military are meant to be a little harsh. But, the way the BSF Jawan Teg Bahadur Yadav seems not to comply with them.

bsf jawan


“Neither the media, nor any minister tries to understand what we are going through (harsh weather). We live in the worst-possible conditions. After this, I will share three videos that will show how we are being mistreated by our officials. We don’t want to blame any particular government, because they give us everything we need. But it is our seniors who see supplies meant for us to the local market, so it never reaches us,” the soldier said in the video.

The officials responded to this video and gave a brief history of the BSF Jawan. They said that he is a regular absentee as well as an alcoholic. He has been into verbal spats with higher officials earlier too.

See the allegations of the BSF Jawan in the video below.

The video may seem emotional but the officials responded to it quickly. A team was sent on the spot to investigate the situation. The situation may be actually as dreadful as he shows. We do not know till any statement is provided by the higher officials.

Here is the response video of the BSF officials about the incident below.

Here are all the tweets related to this event.

Rajnath Singh Responded to the video of the BSF Jawan. Here is what he tweeted.

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