After BSF’s Tej Bahadur Video Now Another CRPF Jawan Has A Message To PM Narendra Modi

After Tej Bahadur Yadav, another video of a BSF jawan has surfaced the internet. In the previous viral video, Tej Bahadur talked about the poor quality of food being given to the jawans. After that revelation, a series of videos and posts exposing the deplorable conditions faced by the forces drew people’s attention.

Backing the video posted by Tej Bahadur is another jawan named Jeet Singh who has revealed his ordeal in an open letter to Rajnath Singh. He has complained about the apathy faced in CRPF.

Jeet Singh talked about the deplorable conditions that jawans at border face. He said he has no issues with his department or the duties, but with the Government. He also threw light on why he made a video appeal and why he wants to be heard.

Jeet alleged the poor facilities, poor pay, and apathy faced by the CRPF jawans.

Jeet revealed the difference of treatment given to a CRPF jawan and army jawan. He said, “Our facilities are very different from the Army while we do every job in the country.” Now it is quite clear that there is actually a gap between the treatment of Army and the paramilitary forces, and it needs to be filled.

Apart from these issues, the jawan claimed that they are made to do 20 hours of duty but the rules say 8 hours. He said, “We get only 30% of clothing items on time while with duties we are overworked. We have to work for 20 hours instead of 8 and in lieu; we get the sky as roof and balcony to sleep.”

Jeet Singh finally added that the idea of making the video was totally his. The main purpose of the video was to ask when both the forces (Army and BSF) are serving the same nation, why are they treated differently?

The video was conveyed to the Prime Minister for looking into the matter.

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