CCD Female Employee Slaps Male Customer After He Did THIS…!!

Cafe Coffee Day is one of the leading coffee chains in India. It is considered a competition to international competitors like Starbucks, Barista and Costa Coffee.

We are sure you love to relax in Cafe Coffee Day with a cup of Coffee. If you love to buy and have good coffee, we are sure you love visting CCD often with your friends. So, at such a place like Cafe Coffee Day you expect good hospitality, right?

What happened next read here :

But, recently a customer in Jaipur had a harrowing experience at Cafe Coffee Day. He was filming a video of cockroaches in the fridge of Cafe Coffee Day. A female employee thought that the customer was filming her and slapped and abused the customer.

Such kind of behavior is not expected from Cafe Coffee Day or Barista or Starbucks employees where we buy such expensive Coffee.

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