If Your Child Sits In This Position, Then Immediately Stop Them

According to a study, children sit in W position the most. While playing, eating or studying, this is the most common position in which they sit. But parents don’t notice this. For them, their child is safe if he is sitting in front of them and playing. But parents need to be extra cautious if their kids sit in a W position.

Sitting in a W position is very harmful to health. It is not recommended for anyone. But kids especially the developing ones tend to sit in this position tend to sit in this position more often. That is why Parents need to be more cautious if their children sit in this position.

Why sitting in W position is harmful?

W position puts the child’s spine in a curved position which can cause them back problem in the future. This position stresses the hip abductors, hamstrings, internal rotators, and the heel cords. This can cause many postural or stability related implications.

W position is detrimental to a child as sitting in this position can incline a child to hip dislocation. This position ought to be avoided.

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