Comedian Kapil Sharma’s Salary Is Way More Than Many Celebrities Income

As far as comedy is concerned Kapil Sharma rules the arena. Undoubtedly he is the king of comedy. He has won millions of hearts with his harmless comedy. Kapil has left no stone unturned to earn this popularity.

No one knew that Comedy Nights With Kapil would become so popular. However, it came as a shock to Kapil Sharma fans when the show wrapped up. Sony Tv didn’t miss the opportunity.Sony gave the show the prime time slot and Kapil came back with all new Kapil Sharma Show. Needless to say, Kapil Sharma is the synonym of TRP’s. Wherever he go, Trp follows.

Considering the popularity of Kapil Sharma show, it is obvious that the cast of the show charges a whopping amount. But wait, we bet your eyes will come out after knowing their income. Kapil Sharma’s salary is no less than a celebrity.

Kapil is the face of the show. From scripting the popular to anchoring he has taken the burden of the whole on his shoulders. If Kapil Sharma show is a ship, then Kapil is no less than the sailor. And then it’s obvious for the sailor to charge a whopping amount.

Rochelle Rao Aka Lottery nurse

Rochelle Rao who plays the role of the hot Lottery nurse charges a decent amount of Rs 3-4 lakhs per episode.

Chandan Prabhakar (Chandu Chaiwala)

Chandan Prabhakar who is the childhood friend of comedian Kapil Sharma charges Rs 4-6 lakh per episode.

Kiku Sharda aka Santosh

Popularly known as palak, kiku Sharda charges 5-7 lakhs per episode.


Ali Asgar (naani)

Dadi initiaalt and now Pushpa naani charges a decent amount of 6-8 lakhs.

Sumona Chakrabarty(Sarla Gulati)

Sumona Chakrabarty popularly known as the wife of Kapil Sharma on the show charges a decent amount of 6-7 7lakhs.

Navjot Singh Siddhu

Navjot singh Siddhu the former cricketer is the major source of giggle in the show. Therefore he charges a whopping amount of 8-10 Lakhs per episode.

Sunil Grover aka Dr. Mashoor Gulati

After Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover is the most popular face of the show. Former Gutthi and prently Dr. Mashoor Gulati charges 10-12 lakhs.

Kapil Sharma

Last but not the least comedian is the king of comedy Kapil Sharma. He charges 60-80 lakhs per episode.

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