Deepika Priyanka Comparison Should Stop

Deepika Priyanka comparison is the latest shocking thing on the internet. People are going crazy about criticizing both the actresses. Every aspect was listed in from their Bollywood behavior to change in Hollywood debuts. It is surely bizarre.

Priyanka Chopra made her debut in Hollywood with Quantico. The series was a huge hit. But, she also faced a lot of criticism before. Her Indian fans were angry because of her behavior. Over a million Indian fans criticized her.

Deepika Priyanka Comparison made even for the similar dresses.

deepika priyanka comparison

Ritam Banerjee / Getty Images, Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Priyanka later won the Golden Globe Awards for her role. She is now one of the top actresses of Hollywood. As a result, she gained her popularity in India back too. But, now a new thing is breaking the vibe.

A brutal microscopic comparison is made between both now. Deepika is making her debut in Hollywood with XXX sequel. But many news houses are comparing her with Priyanka’s debut.

They said that Deepika can never be as good as Priyanka. She can not bring such elegance in Hollywood. We should know that both of them are unique in their own forte. There individuality is not comparable. So, lets see and judge their performance unbiased.

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