Delhi Boy Got Unbelievable 1.25 Crore Job Offer From Uber

It is quite difficult to find a job in this new age. But, it is even more difficult for an engineer. That is why a huge amount of entrepreneurs are emerging. Among the crowd of thousands of jobless engineers in India, one guy made a jackpot.

A Delhi based student of Delhi Technological University got placement from Uber and the pay scale is just mind blowing. He secured an annual package of INR 1.25 crore. It is one of the highest pays that a software engineer gets in this scenario of recession.

Siddharth, the genius who got placed in Uber is the first engineer in his family. He is now the highest earning person of his family too. Would anyone have believed that a software engineer can get such pays, everyone would be a software engineer, right? Well, that’s not the truth.

Siddharth faced a lot of tough tasks before selection. He was given on the spot problems to solve and that in the software engineer language means a huge load on the brain. But he successfully managed to solve them quickly and the result is in front of us now.

He is now planning to travel the whole world with his huge salary. He was also quite good in his academic in school. His 12th class boards score was 95.4%. He studied in Delhi Technological University which is the most reputed college in Delhi and One of the top in India.

“From the beginning, I wanted to do computer science engineering and with my score I was not getting the subject at any of the IITs. Moreover, I love Delhi and did not want to move from here,” he said.

Siddarth is now the second highest package scorer in DTU.

He posting is in Uber’s San Francisco office with basic annual salary of INR 75 lac. Afterwards, it will rise to INR 1.25 crore annually. We are proud of such great young minds coming out of our country. All we wish is that they help more in contributing for the betterment of our country.


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