Delhi Police Cop Stopped A Car After Hearing Loud Voice Of A Girl But They Couldn’t Do Anything

e have often undermined Delhi Police for their laxy behaviour and brutal injustices they do. We are so much prejudiced about the police nowadays that we don’t take heed of the right ones and completely shadow them behind the darkness of the former ones.

Just so you know, their still exist some officers who would do anything to fight against any kind of injustice happening around them. But what about the girl they went looking for?

It might sound a bit weird at first but you need to read about the whole incident before judging anything.

Recently, an incident took place in Dhaula Kuan. A girl screamed for help from a Maruti car rushing towards DK. The Police officials were alarmed and contacted the Police Control Room at once.

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The PCR immediately reported the case to the Dhaula Kuan traffic police. They wanted to save the girl at any cost from the claws of her molesters.

They left no stone unturned into catching those criminals. They put barricades in place to stop the car. Finally the car came to a halt at the barricaded place. As soon as the car stopped, the police nabbed the two men, Sonu and Joginder and handed them over to the local police.

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