Dhoom 4 Cast Changed Entirely. Shocking News

Dhoom 4 is the next big thing from YRF productions. It is the biggest hit series in Bollywood till now. But, this time Dhoom 4 cast is going to shock many. The previous 3 movies were a blockbuster.

Yash Raj productions always put a new element in every sequel. The change in the actors list makes the fan following increase with every sequel. But, one thing remained permanent. Abhishek bachchan and Uday Chopra were the constants since the first movie.

Dhoom 4 cast


Yash Raj banner is excited about its every release of this series. They gave an element of surprise with every sequel depending on the fan demands. But, this time they decided to change the entire star cast. While there are many rumors about different actors, nothing is clear yet.

Dhoom 4 cast is the most shocking thing.

After seeing Aamir Khan in the third part, it is not shocking to expect Salman khan’s name too in the next series. But later on the next wave of news stated that Salman left the role not to go for any negative role.

There are also strong vibes that Ranveer Singh is replacing Abhishek. Surprisingly, Shah Rukh Khan is said to be taking the negative role. Ranveer Singh will be taking the role of the police running behind Shah Rukh.


It seems too exciting to even think of Salman and Shah Rukh Khan together on the big screen. However, no one out of these celebrities confirmed any news about their roles. Even Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra are mum intriguingly.

Lets just wait and see what happens as this is going to be a very exciting part. The movie shoot will begin later this year. The expected date is in next year middle. So, there is a long way to go before any conclusions. It will be exciting till then.

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