Different Hand Shapes Reveal Person Behavior

Palmistry is a known for its claim to characterize and foretell a person’s future just by looking at his/her hands. You hands can tell a lot about your personality traits and future prospects. Do you know that different hand shapes reveal person behavior? It could do wonders if one knows how to analyze them.

Our palms have many lines. Each of them is capable of giving insights into our future. Kay Packard, Head of American Academy of Hand Analysis is also of the same opinion. He came to the conclusion that the shape of our fingers tells a lot about us.

We are going to tell you how different hand shapes reveal person behavior with just these simple tricks!

Determine the category in which you fall-

You are either a left-handed or right-handed person. Suppose you are a right-handed person. So your right-hand’s palms and fingers show your professional and personal attributes. Whereas your left-hand show your behavior towards your family and closed ones.

Now see if your fingers are strong or weak

If your fingers are long and go straight then you have strong fingers. Whereas if they lean to one side or the other, subtly bent to either side, then your fingers are weak. It shows how strong you are as a person.

different hand shapes reveal person behavior

Continuing the example of the right-hand as the lead hand.

A strong thumb shows that you are a very determined and hard-working fellow. You strive for success.

If the index finger is strong, it tells that your character is powerful, you possess strength of character and are shrewd enough.

The middle finger symbolizes responsibility, efficiency, confidence, and growth.

If your ring finger is strong, it expresses that you are an artist.

The little finger depicts your communicative skills and if you could easily get along with someone or not.

The gap between your fingers too reveal a lot about your personality.

If there a wider gap between them, then you are an independent person who loves to explore something new every time.

different hand shapes reveal person behavior

If the gap is less then it signifies that you are prudent, cautious and reserved.

different hand shapes reveal person behavior

Gap between ring finger and middle finger shows that you are hard to influence and a little space is a sign of your living in the boundaries, strictly following social rules and standards.

different hand shapes reveal person behavior


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