Donald Trump Played His Final Move And Has Done The Impossible! Bad Luck For Indians Once Again

donald trump

Since the day Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of United States of America, he has been giving us shocks. With a series of stubborn laws and strict rules and regulations, the whole America is finding itself in a prison rather than in a democratic country. He declared some very intangible rules resulting into an inevitable predicament of Indians, Blacks, and Muslims in the USA.

Now again Trump has c0me up with some menacing rules that could hinder the future of NRIs living in America further. This time he has played his trump card. His recent law could have a very great impact on marriage market in India.

According to The Marriage Bureaus of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh there has been a sudden drop in the demand of NRIs or men working in America after Trump became the President. Currently, there is no data available but it is certain that there will be a considerable decline in the demand of USA based men in future.

Apparently, an engineer was shot down by a drunk American in Kansas, after which the demand for USA-based grooms has fallen subsequently. Every year, many young men from Andhra Pradesh migrate to the USA every year for several reasons.

It has been proved by a data released by USA embassy which revealed that most of the student visas are issued by Hyderabad consulate in India. Hyderabad consulate stands at fifth position in the whole world.

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