Donald Trump’s Tweets Are The Dumbest Things On Twitter

Donald Trump has sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. He vowed to rebuild the country using “American hands”.

The inauguration ceremony held yesterday was a thing to watch. All the prominent ministers, ex-presidents, popular politicians, and Trump’s family attended the swearing-in ceremony.

The whole world watched in anticipation when Trump gave his speech and promised to change America’s future for good.

He took oath as the next president of USA. Trump promised a lot of things to people. He assured people that he will strip power away from Washington and give it “back to the people”.

As the fact continues, Donald Trump is the worst President USA will ever have. Everybody wanted Hilary to win. But the great disparity between them in terms of votes had left nothing to say.

It was a clear win for Trump. But we have brought you the other dirty side of the President.

He has been caught up in many controversies during the elections which he slammed as the opposition’s conspiracy.

However, you might be unaware of the nasty life of Trump. His life before he proved to be a prominent figure in the political arena is conspicuous in these tweets.

Donald is a billionaire and a popular name in the entertainment industry as well. His old tweets often caused an uproar among people. These are also a source of entertainment for many.

Donald Trump’s tweets are the dumbest things you will find on the Internet today.

There were rumors that even his staff had banned him from using the micro-blogging site to avoid any kind of unnecessary controversy.

Here is a compilation of his idiotic tweets-

1. The one where he tried to insult Obama.

2. His usual mediocre tactics for gaining votes.

3. This shows how racist he is.

4. He slammed the reporter with this offensive tweet.

5. He has the audacity to degrade a woman like this.

6. I don’t know what he has to do with Rob-Kris breakup. It is their personal issue.

7. Now what the hell is Mexican here?

donald trump's tweets

8. An issue like Global warming should be considered with great caution and not made fun of. He is very dumb.

donald trump's tweets

9. Why September, 11?

donald trump's tweets

10. He is so dumb that he don’t even know his daughter’s twitter handle.

donald trump's tweets

What do you think about Donald Trump’s tweets? Share your views with us.

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