Don’t Even Dare To Google These 10 Things If You Have A Weak Heart

Earlier, people had to go to public libraries and dig up journals or books to find answers to their problems. Every case, knowledge, and news could be found in books but now we have the internet and most importantly, we have Google. The solution to our everyday problem. Be it a relationship advice or beauty tips, google has an answer to everything. It just depends on how you use its power.

The internet provides us with education-related content, entertainment and world news, and funny videos. But that’s not it! The internet can be full of horrifying, terrible and upsetting content that can steal away your sleep.

What you’re going to read next is extremely disturbing. Don’t scroll down if you are not mentally prepared.
1. Daniel Philip Petry And Gabriel Kuhn

Disturbing cases

Daniel and Gabriel were good friends. It all started when they were playing an online game named ‘Tibia’. Gabriel was winning to which Daniel thought he was cheating. He went to Gabriel’s home one day when he was alone, took him to the bedroom, beat him, raped him and sodomized him. Then he decided to kill Kuhn. So he strangled him with a cable wire and cut off his legs with a knife.

2. Jiggers

Disturbing cases

Jigger is an insect found in Sub-Saharan climates. It is a small sand flea that lives in the soil. It has a significant impact on its host and generally feeds on humans. It may burrow in the body of the humans. Once inside, it lays eggs and creates a pea-sized egg sack which keeps on multiplying and deteriorates the condition of the host.

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