DU Student Asked A Girl If She Ate Beef And Compared It To Incest. Read The Whole Story Here!

Women have suffered men’s dominion over them for times unknown. They are victimized by men in different ways- at the workplace, harassment, gender inequality, freedom, rights of women and so on. One such case could not escape our ears.

du student

A girl named Arunima Bhattacharya who studies law in Delhi University received a text from a stranger. He sounded like a classmate but soon she realized that it is otherwise. The guy refused to tell his name until halfway through the chat.

This DU student started the conversation by asking not-so-offensive questions like, “Do you eat beef?” or ” How can you eat beef if you are a Hindu?”

It is not something shocking among students in DU. These questions are pretty common in a conversation. But soon the conversation took an unpleasant turn when he started asking personal questions.

Here are the snapshots of the whole conversation.

1. The premonition which was ignored by the girl at first.

du student

2. He went on to ask about her religion.

du student

3. The guy refused to reveal his name.

du student

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