Emojis Real Meaning Which We Never knew…

Here we start Emojis Real meaning, Since the time of invention of apps and messengers majority of us seems to have known two languages. One is our native language that we communicate in and the other one is emoji’s language. Emoji’s has become an integral part of our conversations. Since they were originally invented in Japan these reflect a lot about the Japanese culture. Many of us believe that we understand the meaning of these emoji’s  but you are wrong here.

We are going to tell you the real meaning of emoji’s that we all use in our everyday life believing that they mean one thing but they actually mean something else.

We think this smiley means sticking your tongue out to tease someone. However, it means licking their lips before eating a delicious food.

We think it’s a theater or concert hall. But actually is a post office. Horns were used by the postal office in the 19th century in Europe.

This smiley looks like PSY from Gangnam style. It actually means exclamation mark. It is based on the font in Microsoft words which contains various signs.

We consider this as a cat in shock. But you”ll be surprised to know that this is a smiley of tiredness.

We consider this smiley as death. But this smiley actually means shock.

We think this smiley indicates an identity badge, entrance pass or a price tag. But this actually indicates a bookmark.

We think this smiley means being patient. It actually shows a Grinning smile

We think this smiley indicates a full moon solar eclipse. But this is actually a phase of the moon when the sunlit side is not visible from the Earth.

We think it means a Basketball. But you don’t know what’s hidden in it. Send this emoji on your facebook messenger and see the surprise.


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